Merger transactions in October continued their steady increase from March though deal activity remains impacts by economic uncertainty relating to the coronavirus.  In recent weeks Sheshunoff announced the sale of a bank in a cash transaction, two bank transactions which involved stock, and a branch transactions without loans (indicating the value of liquidity).  Finding an appropriate valuation in bank or branch transactions for deposits and loans can be a challenge in this environment but can be accomplished.  Contact us for more details.

Sheshunoff & Co Investment Banking has compiled a one-page summary of all bank transactions announced in September 2020.  The list is sorted by geographical region, which will allow you to search for transactions not only in your area, but also throughout the country in markets similar to yours.


Click here to download the October M&A Transactions


Given the volatility in publicly-traded bank stocks, many banks are obtaining a mid-year stock valuation to take advantage of opportunities afforded by lower valuations such as minimizing taxes on transitions of private bank stock.  Not to mention the concerns of potential changes in corporate, personal and estate tax rates in the future.  Please contact us if we can be of service to you in any way during this transitional time.

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