The promising rally in bank stock prices to begin the year has been swept away by a near 20% fall related to the coronavirus fears.  Absent a strong market bounce, deal making with publicly traded buyers will be difficult.  Circumstances like these often create opportunities for cash buyers to get deals done with less competition in the market and with interest rates at historic lows, subordinated debt has become an attractive method of financing cash deals.  If past is prologue, the steady drum beat of bank consolidation will continue in 2020 despite only 10 announced transactions in February and recent the market volatility.

Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking has compiled a one-page summary of all bank transactions announced in February 2020. The list is sorted by geographical region, which will allow you to search for transactions not only in your area, but also throughout the country in markets similar to yours.

View and download February M&A transactions

If you have any questions or comments about today’s M&A market or would like to discuss various strategies for your institution including opportunities to issue low cost debt or raise new equity, we would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.  Please contact John Adams at (512) 703-1561 or


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