After completing a transaction, we look back and realize that the process always presents unique challenges.

With ever-changing circumstances in the financial market, it is important to share the stories of recent bank mergers to allow other community and regional banks to learn from our experience. Read what our clients say about working with the experienced team at Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking.

  • FNBBeevilleThe First National Bank of Beeville

    “With the help of Sheshunoff during our board’s strategic planning session we explored organic and acquisitive growth, a merger of equals and the opportunity to merge with a larger institution to better serve our clients. Sheshunoff structured an offering that met our board’s desire to only align ourselves with a bank that would continue to serve our communities with a similar banking culture. Their efforts resulted in a transaction that met both the cultural and financial needs of our shareholders. The team at Sheshunoff provided invaluable financial, transactional and personal advice throughout the process. We strongly recommend Sheshunoff.”

    - Brian Schneider, Chairman & CEO, Beeville, TX
  • fnb_liberal_logoFirst National Bank of Liberal

    “The high level of professionalism and knowledge displayed by Sheshunoff in past bank M&A opportunities is what prompted our shareholders to select them when the decision was made to consider a possible sale of our bank. Their extensive knowledge of the market, and of the best potential bidders in the market, was very valuable in the offering process, and our shareholders collectively were very pleased with the outcome.”

    - Tina Call, President/CEO, Liberal, KS
  • guaranty_logoGuaranty Bank & Trust

    Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking provided our directors with an understandable framework to compare future alternatives for the bank, all while being considerate of the closely held nature of the ownership structure. Ultimately Sheshunoff’s analysis and negotiations with QCR Holdings resulted in a sale of the bank that maximized our value and was overwhelmingly approved by our shareholders.

    - Christopher J. Lindell, President & Chief Executive Officer, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Capaha BankCapaha Bank

    “Like most community banks, we had many considerations and concerns about the sale of our bank. To ensure a successful transaction, we chose Sheshunoff based on their experienced professional staff and their track record of successful results. We are very happy with the outcome. The team at Sheshunoff conducted a thorough and confidential process that produced the best possible transaction; they then performed thoughtful and detailed analyses that addressed the specific complexities of our capital and ownership structure. They communicated with us consistently throughout the process and were always available if questions arose. We highly recommend the Sheshunoff team to anyone who is considering a transaction.”

    - John Abercrombie, President and CEO, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  • iberville_logoIberville Bank

    “As a family-owned company that has successfully owned and operated a community bank in South Louisiana since 1931, strategic decisions were extremely important and not taken lightly. In a small community, successful banking is built on a long history of relationships, trust, and integrity. We were a true community bank in every sense, from exceptional leadership and employees to loyal customers and friends; and the decision to sell was not an easy one. The extensive M&A experience of the team from Sheshunoff & Co. provided our board with the necessary expertise to fully evaluate several strategic options and ultimately guide us through to a successful transaction. From the moment we met, through the entire sale process, Curtis Carpenter and Rick Elton were always professional, available, and engaged. I highly recommend Sheshunoff & Co. to anyone considering acquiring, merging, or selling a financial institution.”

    - Klein W. Kirby, President, A. Wilbert’s Sons Lumber and Shingle Co. , Plaquemine, Louisiana
  • stcroixBank of St. Croix

    “As a bank domiciled in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we knew it would be difficult to find a buyer. The professionals at Sheshunoff were the best choice to identify possible buyers and then guide the complex process through to completion. Sheshunoff’s extensive contacts throughout the industry found a buyer for our bank 2,000 miles away in southern Indiana! The uniqueness of our business model as an island-based bank required extensive explanations. Sheshunoff’s patience and perseverance throughout the process were critical in getting the transaction negotiated and closed. There is no way we could have accomplished this sale without their help. I would highly recommend Sheshunoff to anyone considering a sale of their bank.”

    - James Brisbois, Former CEO, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • brimfield_logoBrimfield Bank

    “We were referred to Sheshunoff by our legal counsel. The Sheshunoff team understood the priorities of the owners and crafted a plan perfectly scaled for our situation. We came to the closing satisfied that the buyer was a great match for our shareholders, customers, employees, and our community.”

    - Beth Fitch, Owner & Director, Brimfield , Illinois
  • 1st United Bank1st United Bank

    “After pursuing a sale of our bank a few years earlier with another advisor, we engaged Sheshunoff after a careful selection process because we believed in their ability to leverage their contacts in the industry and their knowledge of community bank value to find qualified buyers and negotiate a transaction that would reward our shareholders. Hiring Sheshunoff resulted in a much more thorough process which delivered our desired result. Our team of advisors kept us constantly updated and informed and conducted the process in a very respectful and fair manner to all parties involved, including our employees and the prospective buyers, all while emphasizing confidentiality. We would recommend Sheshunoff above other firms due to their experience, lack of conflicts in putting client interests first, and most of all results.”

    - Ken Betsinger, Chairman and CEO, Faribault, Minnesota
  • nbt_logoNI Bancshares Corporation

    “The team at Sheshunoff assisted our Company and Board of Directors with the most significant strategic decision a bank can face – sale of the bank. Throughout the process we received expert guidance, timely responses, and a continued focus on how to structure a deal beneficial to all shareholders. We recommend Sheshunoff to anyone considering a transaction and are confident in their ability to facilitate a successful outcome.”

    - Mike Cullen, President and CEO, Sycamore, Illinois
  • FNB Community BankFNB Community Bank

    “Sheshunoff & Co. has enjoyed a good relationship with our holding company for the past 22 years. Our first thought was to call upon Sheshunoff for our recent stock appraisal. [Sheshunoff] was most responsive, thorough and timely in dealing with our requests and rendering the various schedules and comparisons. I commend Sheshunoff for providing an excellent set of comparative data which will give creditability to the decisions made centered around the minority share appraisal.”

    - Robert Croak, Chairman of the Board, Midwest City, Oklahoma
  • Connexus Credit UnionConnexus Credit Union

    “I recommend the services of Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking, whom I have been using since 2012. To date, Sheshunoff has assisted Connexus Credit Union with Fair Market Evaluations for potential merger opportunities, as well as goodwill impairment evaluations on our subsidiary investments.

    During this time, I have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer competitive rates in the marketplace. They possess the integrity, skills, and years of knowledge to produce an exemplary product and I appreciate their professionalism in all matters.”

    - Darryl Gessler, Executive Vice President/ Chief Risk Officer, Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Alpine BankAlpine Bank

    “Alpine Banks of Colorado has been using Sheshunoff & Co.’s valuation services for many years to value the shares held by our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Sheshunoff’s services have been invaluable to the successful operations of our Plan. We rely on the expertise of the Sheshunoff team members to accurately value this important aspect of our organization. The valuation services are always completed professionally and timely.”

    - Eric Gardey, Chief Financial Officer, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • River Bank & TrustRiver Bank & Trust

    “I have utilized Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking valuation services for more than 25 years because their people have a keen understanding of community banking and what drives value in a community banking organization. Their valuation reports are always completed very professionally and timely and they go to great lengths to fully understand our organization and our markets. They ask the right questions and listen intently to our answers to those questions. It is comforting to know that I can be very confident in the valuation results we receive.”

    - Kenneth Givens, Chief Financial Officer, Prattville, Alabama
  • United Community Bank of North DakotaUnited Community Bank of North Dakota

    “It was a great decision in selecting the Sheshunoff M&A team to lead our transaction. They were very accurate and realistic on their sale price projection and identified a number of in-state and out of state potential buyers.

    Their professionalism and timely communication helped our closely held ownership group in identifying and engaging community bank buyers with a very high degree of confidentiality. Having an experienced and knowledgeable merger and acquisition team representing sellers is a necessity in addressing the analytical and emotional challenges of the process, guiding the negotiation and due diligence effort, obtaining a signed purchase agreement, and finalizing the ultimate sale.”

    - DeWayne Streyle, Chairman & CEO, Leeds, North Dakota
  • First State BankThe First State Bank

    “Selling our family-owned community bank was an emotional decision. We approached Sheshunoff & Co. to help us due to their solid reputation in the business. They counseled and directed us through the intricate process like the true professionals that they are. We received a personalized level of service from them from beginning to end. Sheshunoff & Co. absolutely added value to the deal, and I would strongly recommend them to any bank considering a sale in the future.”

    - Ralph Mason, President & CEO, Bourbon, Indiana
  • Herget Financial Corp.Herget Bank

    “Sheshunoff’s  assistance and guidance was invaluable, and we could not have done the deal without their expertise.   Even more, we always felt that Sheshunoff had the best interests of the bank and its employees at heart.  They were extremely accommodating and quickly responded to all of our queries and concerns with trustworthy professional counsel.  I would highly recommend their team.”

    - Skip Schermerhorn, CEO and President, Pekin, Illinois
  • North Texas Bank, N.A.North Texas Bank, N.A.

    “Sheshunoff’s reputation as a leader in the banking M&A realm was just one reason our board selected them to represent us in marketing the bank for possible sale. Their industry knowledge, responsiveness and ability to truly listen and understand our board’s desires was just as important. They quickly built a strong rapport with our chairman and Board as they outlined the process. Curtis, John and their team successfully met all scheduled deadlines and milestones and kept me fully apprised throughout all phases. During negotiations, their insight and knowledge of potential suitors and their management was invaluable. Ultimately, we completed a transaction with an organization that could not be a better fit with our current culture, while receiving the best price possible. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my peers needing M&A services.”

    - Andrew Rottner, President & CEO, Decatur, Texas
  • tfb_logoTeche Holding Company

    “Our company started out as a small community thrift and grew over many years into a public company traded on the NYSE. When it was time to sell, Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking was an excellent choice as an advisor. Sheshunoff had the professional expertise to handle the financial transaction, but also the personal attentiveness to be effective with our board. Sheshunoff helped us find the best possible partner at the best possible price. I would recommend their team to anyone considering the sale or purchase of a financial institution.”

    - Patrick Little, President & CEO, New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Town Square Bank Inc.Town Square Bank Inc.

    “I totally underestimated the time and energy required to sell our bank. From beginning to end, the team at Sheshunoff had the professionalism and expertise to make a complex process run smoothly and ease the load on our staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a sale of their bank.”

    - Bruce VanHorn, President & CEO, Ashland, Kentucky
  • Live Oak State BankLive Oak State Bank

    “Selecting Sheshunoff & Co. to represent our bank for a possible sale was an excellent decision. They presented a list of potential suitors that was very impressive and the initial response was extremely positive. They provided detailed performance comparisons and acquisition histories of the various suitors that enabled us to make informed decisions as the number of suitors narrowed. They continued to provide valuable information through each step of the process. Sheshunoff’s knowledge and reputation in the banking community made them the ideal choice to accomplish our goal.”

    - Carl Schieffer, President and CEO, Dallas, Texas
  • State Central BankState Central Bank

    “The group at Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking is the best in the business.  Their reputation, contacts, and perseverance made our transaction possible.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best advice and greatest success in the merger process.”

    - William Logan, Chairman, Bonaparte, Iowa
  • lb2Liberty Bancshares Inc.

    “Our merger with Home BancShares was the largest in-state bank merger in the history of Arkansas. We needed the financial advice and opinion from a firm that we could trust and that had a reputation for quality and competency. Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking did a great job for us.”

    - Wallace Fowler, Chairman & CEO, Jonesboro, Arkansas
  • tbb2The Business Bank

    “The team at Sheshunoff helped us work through the decision process and then helped us establish and implement a plan to sell. They assisted our Board with understanding the landscape, the potential buyer field, and realistic expectations in an uncertain, evolving market. We found their process of making contact with potential buyers, providing information, and establishing confidential discussions to be excellent. In retrospect, the process of selling a banking company is a complex undertaking and is a daunting process, especially in the current environment. Sheshunoff helped us accomplish a transaction that is rewarding to our shareholders, our staff and our customers.”

    - Brad Krohn, Chairman & CEO, Minnetonka, Minnesota
  • tcb2Citizens Bank

    “Sheshunoff worked tirelessly to find us the right buyer for our bank. Through their extensive relationships in the industry, they found a buyer three states away that was a perfect fit for us. We would recommend Sheshunoff to anyone who is looking to sell their bank.”

    - Roy G. Dowdy Jr., President & CEO, Geneva, Alabama
  • cba2Community Bank of the Arbuckles

    “We wanted an advisor who could help us efficiently find the best transaction for our shareholders, employees and customers. Sheshunoff handled our transaction with great skill and respect, keeping us thoroughly informed and helping us work through all facets of the negotiation. I would recommend Sheshunoff for their understanding of community banks, attentiveness toward their client, and expertise in finding the best outcome.”

    - Tammy Key Merrell, President, Sulphur, Oklahoma
  • fnbFirst National Bank of Shiner

    “I would highly recommend Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking to anyone considering a sale of their bank. From the start, Sheshunoff was a perfect fit for our bank. They gave us sound advice and followed a disciplined sales process. They took the time to understand our market position and the ideal qualities we sought in a partner. Sheshunoff always had our best interests in mind which lead to a fair price and successful sale.”

    - George (Buddy) Minear, Chairman, Shiner, Texas
  • cbc2Community Bank Corporation

    “Our board interviewed a number of investment banking firms and chose Sheshunoff because of their deal experience, extensive relationships with financial institutions in the area, and reputation as a firm that puts the objectives of its clients first. Throughout the relationship we found the team at Sheshunoff to be very accessible and easy to work with. I think this really paid off as we dialogued with potential acquirers.

    The team we worked with was always very competent and showed great confidence in a volatile market. They represented us in a very professional manner, always holding the utmost respect for our ideals and goals. Leveraging their deep relationships in the banking community, they helped us identify a buyer that shares our culture, operating philosophy and supports our objective to continue providing unparalleled service in our communities of Chaska and Chanhassen. To achieve this level of success in the current market is a testament to Sheshunoff’s experience and buyer relationships.

    I would highly recommend Sheshunoff Investment Banking to any bank considering a sale.”

    - Jeff Burzinski, President & CEO, Chaska, Minnesota
  • ssbSecurity State Bank

    “I would wholeheartedly recommend Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking to any bank considering an acquisition. This was our first acquisition, so we needed someone trustworthy, experienced, and someone who would listen to us. Throughout the transaction, we had a high level of confidence and comfort with the Sheshunoff team. Their valuation process was profesional and made sense. They were completely responsive to our questions and provided invaluable knowledge that made the transaction a reality.”

    - Mike Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Pearsall, Texas
  • cameron-state-bankCameron State Bank

    ‘“When the time was right for us to sell the bank, the market was still recovering from the financial crisis. We turned to Sheshunoff & Co who helped us find the perfect partner and negotiated an excellent price for our shareholders. I would highly recommend them for their knowledge of the market and hard work and integrity throughout the process.”

    - Roy Raftery, CEO, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • first-national-bank-and-trustFirst National Bank and Trust

    “Part of our plans for growth included making the right acquisitions, but we needed someone we could trust to guide us through this major investment. That’s why we turned to Sheshunoff & Co. Their experts helped us through every detail of the transaction from selecting the right bank and structuring a successful bid, to data convergence and staffing issues. With their knowledge and commitment to detail, we successfully acquired two branches and have grown significantly.”

    - Steve Elred, President and CEO, Beloit, Wisconsin
  • first-bank-of-lamesaFirst National Bank of Lamesa

    “The decision to sell our bank was not easy. After finally deciding it was the best time to sell, we interviewed the representatives from Sheshunoff. During and after the interview, we felt a confidence in the experience and reputation their firm could offer in the sale. As we went through the process, we found that our confidence in them grew even more. They communicated with us and made us feel comfortable through every step. I recommend this firm to anyone that is considering a sale or purchase of a financial institution.”

    - Robert F. Brown, President & CEO, Lamesa, Texas
  • first-national-bank-trustFirst National Bank & Trust

    “Sheshunoff & Co. helped us accomplish the best outcome for our shareholders and the bank….[they] focused on people they knew would be a good fit for us in the long term.”

    - Ty Nelson, President, Powell, Wyoming
  • nebraska-state-bankNebraska State Bank

    “We sought the knowledge and expertise of Sheshunoff & Co. to help assess our bank’s strategic vision. When we were approached with the unique opportunity to be acquired by Mutual of Omaha, a Fortune 500 Company, Sheshunoff provided a wealth of experience, direction, professional resources and open communication throughout the process. Their focus and determination ultimately landed us a successful transaction. Mutual of Omaha’s strong brand presence will give our bank and employees tremendous opportunities.”

    - Wayne Kehrli, President, Omaha, Nebraska
  • royal-oaks-bankRoyal Oaks Bankshares

    “Sheshunoff & Co. handled our business and this transaction with sensitivity, confidentiality and integrity. They knew our needs were unique and were able to assist us in finding a partner that had common values, philosophies and goals. Our customers, shareholders and management all benefited from Sheshunoff’s strategy to find the best buyer. Everyone on their team is knowledgeable and conducted this transaction with total professionalism.”

    - Dean Bass, Chairman & CEO, Houston, Texas

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