Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking Professionals complete over 100 appraisals annually for public and private financial institutions ranging in size from $20 million to $10 billion.  Sheshunoff appraisals meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and meet Internal Revenue Service, ERISA, and Department of Labor requirements.  Sheshunoff appraisals satisfy management, shareholder, auditor and legal counsel needs.


Private Business Valuations  


Sheshunoff & Co.’s expertise in understanding and recognizing value is critical to the foundation of our business valuation services.  Our dedication to each client relationship is why we are recognized as a leader in the industry.

Sheshunoff & Co. has been providing valuation services for a wide range of clients across the country for 25 years.  We offer valuation services for several purposes, including ESOP valuation, buy and sell agreement valuation, gift, tax, and estate planning valuation, and fair market value and corporate valuation.  We’ve provided thousands of valuation reports for Companies of all sizes in all geographies.  We strive to develop relationships with every client to understand their specific and unique circumstances.  Our experience and approach to value provides support for each engagement.


Because of our experience in bank appraisals and commercial bank valuation, Sheshunoff & Co. Investment Banking can assist your organization in:


  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Sheshunoff has provided thousands of annual appraisals for ESOP trustees as well as other valuation services geared toward Companies with ESOPs.


  • Buy/Sell Agreements:   Sheshunoff & Co provides appraisals for Companies entering into a buy or sell agreement as well as fairness opinions.


  • Gift, Tax and Estate Planning: Sheshunoff & Co recognizes the importance of successful tax planning strategies.  Our unbiased third party appraisals are critical.


  • Fair Market Value and Corporate Valuation: Sheshunoff & Co’s expertise in understanding and recognizing value is key to helping clients set a value of Company stock.


Sheshunoff has completed thousands of private company stock valuations.  Let us put our experience to work for you on your next valuation need.


Sheshunoff offers appraisals for the following industries:


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Should you be seeking advice in this area, call us for a confidential discussion of your particular needs.  For more information, contact Christopher Noon, ASA, Director at 512-703-1566 or



“Alpine Banks of Colorado has been using Sheshunoff & Co.’s valuation services for many years to value the shares held by our Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Sheshunoff’s services have been invaluable to the successful operations of our Plan. We rely on the expertise of the Sheshunoff team members to accurately value this important aspect of our organization. The valuation services are always completed professionally and timely.”

Eric Gardey, Chief Financial Officer, Alpine Bank, Glenwood Springs, CO

John Adams

John Adams
Principal & Head of Investment Banking

Rick Elton

Rick Elton, CFA
Managing Director

Christopher Noon, ASA

Christopher Noon, ASA